+ Tumor extirpation (tumor removal)

+ Wound care (e.g., bite injury)

+ Ginigvalflap after tooth extraction

+ Fracture supply + Castration, cryptorchysm

+ Caesarean section (caesarean section)

+ Othämatom (blood ear)

+ Extension of the ear canal

+ Entropium / Ectropion (Rolllid / Hängelid)

+ Bulbus extirpation (removal of the eyeball)

+ Nickskin apron (in case of corneal defect)

+ “Cherry-eye” (Nickhautdrüsenunterfall)

+ Ileus (intestinal obstruction) e.g. by foreign bodies or tumors

+ Probelatratomy (opening of the abdominal cavity for sampling)

+ Pyometra (uterine suppuration)

+ Hernia, perianal and inguinal (intestinal rupture)

+ Splenic extirpation (removal of the spleen)

+ Removal of liver tumors

+ Enterectomy (partial removal of the intestine)

+ Foreign body removal in stomach and intestine

+ Torsio ventriculi (stomach rotation)

+ Femoral head resection (femoral head removal)

+ Amputation (removal of limbs, tail, toes)

+ Cruciate ligament tear (TTA, meniscotomy)

+ Patellar luxation (slipping of the kneecap)