Evaluation of the retina by means of a digital opthalmoscope. The advantage over the analogue opthalmoscope lies in its good image quality, the possibility of monitoring disease and the documentation.


Measurement of the intraocular pressure by means of a Tonopens. An increase in intraocular pressure can lead to glaucoma (glaucoma) and thus to blindness.

Blood pressure

measurement High blood pressure can lead to changes in the eye. An increase in blood pressure can occur in cats due to hyperthyroidism, cardiac, renal and other causes.

Slit lamp examination

Using a slit lamp, the anterior part of the eye is examined, so cataracts as well as corneal inflammation can be diagnosed.


The dye fluorescein stains the injured area of ​​the cornea and makes the defect so visible. Schirmer tear test The tear production is measured with a special paper strip. This examination is for the detection of a dry eye.

Following operations on the eye are offered by us:

+ Correction of eyelid misalignment (entropion, ectropion)

+ Nick skin gland prolapse (Cherry-eye)

+ Removal of eyelid tumors

+ Corneal surgery

+ Nick Skin Operations

+ Bulb extraction