Meanwhile, many dogs and cats, like humans, are struggling with food intolerances. These usually manifest in the form of problems with the skin, ears or the gastrointestinal tract. About 20% of the digestive problems are related to the feed. If your pet exhibits abnormalities in this direction, suspicion of a food intolerance or allergy can be confirmed by a special blood test. Especially with dog owners today the so-called BARF feeding is very popular. It is based on feeding the animal as humanely as possible and true to nature. However, this type of feeding has many sources of error and should therefore be carried out properly. We assist you with the nowadays very complex topic Feeding with our trained nutritionists. In addition, our range includes a number of special feeds, such as gastrointestinal feed, kidney diets urinary stone feed, hypoallergenic feed and many more. Almost all of these foods are available by prescription and only available in the veterinary practice.