The Veterinary Practice

In the year 2000 we opened our practice at the Lorraine Dell 48 in Kaiserslautern.

We specialize in the treatment of dogs, cats and pets. The practice has a large waiting room so that every customer can find a place for himself and his pet.

In addition, a dog physiotherapy, a cat hotel attached directly to the practice.

Our philosophy is not just the treatment of symptoms, but for the targeted treatment of the causes of a disease. Only in this way can a lasting recovery be achieved. We value comprehensive diagnostic measures, most of which can be performed directly in the field.

The standard treatments such as castration cardiac ultrasound, cruciate ligament op, TTA, TPLO, bone op, ultrasound, biopsy of liver and spleen, endoscopy u.v.a.

Consulting room 1

Consulting room 2

Consulting room 3