Blood tests:

In our own laboratory, we can carry out blood tests immediately, so that acute illnesses can be further clarified without any loss of time. In addition to standard examinations such as a large blood count including differential blood count, we can use our state-of-the-art equipment to determine specific parameters. The value SDMA, for example, is used for the early detection of kidney diseases. With regard to inflammation in the body, the so-called CRP can be examined. The cortisol level provides information about adrenal problems. Further examples are T4, progesterone, electrolytes, phenobarbital or fructosamine.

faecal examination:

Especially in case of problems with the digestive tract faecal examinations are diagnostically valuable. They provide not only information about the digestive activity of the intestine, but also about a possible parasite infestation. Especially in young animals Giardia or coccidia are often triggers for diarrheal diseases.

Urine tests:

In diseases of the urinary tract, the prostate or in systemic metabolic diseases urine tests are often enlightening.

Bacteriological investigations:

In the in-house laboratory we carry out standard bacteriological investigations with resistance test. These serve to identify a suitable antibiotic and thus prevent the formation of resistance.

Cytological examinations:

In case of unclear ailments and skin changes, cell preparations obtained by means of a fine needle aspiration can be examined microscopically after a special staining. For further investigations there are contacts to special veterinary laboratories (eg IDEXX VetMedLabor, Laboklin, Uniklinik München and others)